Sunday, December 11, 2016

The Death Kiss (1932)

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This week's film review puts a spot light on the 1932 Mystery 'The Death Kiss' which features David Manners, Adrienne Ames and Bela Lugosi!


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I like to think that everyone enjoys a good murder-mystery, heck, it's why I think the board game Clue remains a favorite with people well into adult-hood... and with that in mind, it's why I sat down to watch the 1932 film 'The Death Kiss'

Starring David Manners & Adrienne Ames while also featuring Bela Lugosi in a supporting roles, the film is set at a Hollywood Studio where a movie titled 'The Death Kiss' is nearing completition.
The story is as follow, an actor named Miles Brent is killed during the final scene where his character is supposed to be gun down, thus making it a perfect opportunity to have him killed, since it could look like an accident. However a screenwriter named Franklyn Drew (played by David Manners) discovers that the bullets that killed Brent were. 38 caliber, while the guns for the scene were .45s, thus revealing that Brent was murdered and now it's question of who did it?

It's established early on that multiple people at the studio have motivation, but the apparent #1 suspect Brent's ex-wife Marcia Lane (played by the gorgeous Adrienne Ames) is the beneficiary of his life insurance policy, and over the course of the film, as the investigation takes place, when it's quite clear that she is being framed... and the real criminal is revealed in the films climax.

With a running time of 75 minutes, The Death Kiss is quick watch, but it's quite good in my opinion. David Manners did a fine job as the hero of the story, and Adrienee Ames was simply gorgeous. Bela Lugosi's role is fairly minor and doesn't impact the film in any way. Something that is surprising is that despite it being a murder-mystery film, there is a surprisingly amount of comedy, primarily verbal and often provided by Vince Barnett who plays the studio's police chief who serves as a perfect side kick for Manner's Drew.

Despite the movie being 84 years old, I do think it holds up very well in how it was made, but I bet a real nit-picker would take issue with Drew not getting arrested for interferring with a police investigation and obstruction of justice, considering the amount of evidence tampering he does.

The movie itself can be found on DVD, in fact I have a copy of it myself and I highly suggest you check it out. It makes for a great Sunday afternoon viewing.

Coming up in the Basement this week, we'll be doing two episodes of Tales from the TARDIS, and two episodes of Talking Anime, my predictions for WWE Roadblock will be revealed and of course we will do a recap & review of that event next Sunday. So till next time my friends, and you are my friends have a good one!

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