Saturday, December 24, 2016

Sonic Lost World (Lets Play and Review)

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Happy Christmas Eve... as for the first time every I play Sonic Lost World... and boy does it take me a minute to figure the controls... let alone how to run fast!  -- Watch live at


So after playing Sonic Generations earlier this year, I figured at some point I was going to sit down and play Sonic Lost World which came out in 2013... and I was figuring this game would've been similar to the awesomeness of the previous game.

Boy was I wrong... cause if I bother to look at other players lets play videos, I would've seen this came is nothing like Sonic Generations... every level is like one large puzzle to navigate through, and sure I admit I'm not the best gamer out there, but it was more of luck and learning from mistakes that saw me through the first four stages... and my time wasn't helped by the fact the controls were not 'introduced'.
There is no tutorial stage or first level 'guide' to help players get quickly use to the controls beyond the obvious left stick to move, A button to jump & lock on attack... and because of the nature of this game's rotating environment, spin dash and simply running fast have been moved to the bumpers, which took me a little bit to figure out, so for me the game wasn't as 'fast paced' as it probably should've been.

That complaint aside, this game is pleasant and fun, even with my lack luster skills, it was clear that every level had a way 'through' and each obstetrical has a solution. It looks great, with a big bright colorful environment, the sound quality is there and the music is nice and poppy. I do like the rotating environment as it presents different perspectives of the game play forces the player to look ahead since the ground is not always going to be beneath you.

Now what about the story? Well it opens up with Sonic and Tails chasing Eggman has he has a captured some small animals to make into his robot minions (or to barbecue), during the chase, Eggman manages to get off a great shot, damaging Tails plane and forcing it to land on a place called the 'Lost Hex'. After getting their bearings,
Sonic leans that Eggman has teamed up with a group called the Deadly Six who have orders to take out the blue Hedgehog. It's a totally serviceable story, with solid voice acting to make it enjoyable from what I've saw while playing.  

Because this game seems to be on the casual side, I think I might revisit this again in a live stream in the near future.

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