Sunday, December 11, 2016

Neverwinter But Always Cold!

Hello Dwellers and Welcome to the Basement...
Tonight, a different game was played, Neverwinter, the Dungeon and Dragons MMORPG developed by Cryptic Studios (the same folks behind Star Trek Online), and in this video we quickly create a new character, run through the tutorial and do our first quest! -- Watch live at



Now I think I said this during the broadcast, but I have played Neverwinter before, the character I had was up to a level 14, but then lost interest in the game, but since one of the perks of using the Perfect World Arc system is that if you play (or at least LAUNCH) their F2P games you can earn points to covert to Zen, so I figured why not sit down and play this. I deleted the character I had and went with a totally new character of course named 'Zagreus'.

The game play itself is fine, use the left side of the key board for movement and key commands while using the mouse for basic attacks and looking around / aiming, so it's quick learn. Graphically it looks totally fine, though I didn't really mess around with the settings too much to see how good it at its max settings. The tutorial gets you into the flow of the game mechanics fairly quickly, and I was grateful I elected to have a character with a ranged attack, just makes it so much easier I think. 

I think this would be a good game to play every now and then, perfect for a live stream broadcast when I have nothing better to do.



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