Thursday, December 8, 2016

Live From The Basement: Zheros (Lets Play & Review)

Hello Dwellers and Welcome to the Basement... 

Yes we are back with another live stream, this time playing a fun little beat 'em up called Zheros!  -- Watch live at

As you can tell, tonight I played Zheros a side-scrolling beat 'em up game released in February 2016 by Rimlight Studios, and to date it's their only game on Steam. 

Graphically, it's a nice looking game, fairly over the top designs for the heroes and robots. Unlike most games of this genre it isn't just going from left to right, there is a 3D element in play too as you can be heading up or down along a path as well, so it isn't quite linear, which opens the door for the a bit of exploring if it appears there are two paths you can take.The HUD is perfect in its simplicity, top par is your health, bottom bar is your energy (which is tied to the player's ability to block or fire a weaspon)

The controls are easy to learn, which is a huge plus, as some games tend to over-think the controlscheme a bit, though Zheros does have some control elements I don't like (the hold a button to charge an attack gimmick is something I truly hate, no matter the game). Playing normal difficulty, there is a nice even flow, where you have to learn and master all the basics, as knowing when to dodge and block can often be a determining factor being victory and defeat, by the end of the 3rd stage, a player should have all the basics down solid (at least in theory)

The music is where this game shines, as you can tell in the twitch replay, I was just bopping along to the sound track, it's that infectious! The sound effects are of a decent quality, the robots have little sounds they make when getting smack around which is a nice touch.

Though Zheros has very mixed reviews on Steam, I find it enjoyable for what it is, and since decent beat 'em games are not as easy to come by these days, I give this game my approval, and recommend you give it a shot!

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