Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Doctor Who: The Web Planet Part 3

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We continue to take advantage of the lull in Television activity with bonus episodes of Tales from the TARDIS, today we go over part three of the Doctor Who story: The Web Planet.

This episode is also dedicated to Carrie Fisher


  • Escape to Danger, February 27, 1965, 12.6 Million Viewser (same as previous week)
  • In this episodes we learn more about the Menopterans and the Zarbi, particularly that both are native to the planet Vortis, and lived in peace for the most part until the Zarbi were made militant by what the Menopterans call the Animus, which drove the Menopterans off the planet and to a near by moon and are hoping to retake their world and restore the balance of the things. In terms of controlling forces and having a network to know all things makes it very similar to the Great Intelligence.

  • The Animus is telepathic and communicates with the Doctor via the hair-dryer device repeatedly, striking a deal for the Doctor to help it and the Zarbi find the Menoptera fleet in advance by using equipment form the TARDIS, this plays into the Doctor's hand as it gets the powers that is being used to hamper the TARDIS to be turned off, which also allows Ian to escape and search for Barbara who is at the Crater of Needles.
  • Ian avoids the Zarbi thanks to being rescued by Vrestin, they have a nice conversation that leads to them realizing they are on the same side, the Crater of Needles and what the Zarbi do the menopterans (remove their wins so they can't fly), and the episode ends on a cliff hanger of them hiding from the Zarbi in a cave with a cave-in occurring.
  • All in all an good episode, but not much to talk about other then exposition of the Zarbi and the Menopterans

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