Friday, December 23, 2016

Doctor Who: The Web Planet Part 2

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On this edition of Tales From The TARDIS' we're going over various things introduced in part two of 'The Web Planet'... because the episode itself doesn't really have much to talk about!

  • The Episode is titled 'The Zarbi', Air Date: February 20, 1965, 12.5 Million Viewers (Down 1 Million from previous week)
  • The Zarbi look like giant ants and move around on two powerful human-like legs, the communicate by screeching and rubbing their legs together, and with movements and gestures to get their point across, they are of a hive mind. They have popped up here and there through out the years in Doctor Who expanded media.
  • The Menoptera are Humanoid looking aliens, they have human like bodies, large black eyes, antenna, black and and white fur bodies and four-large butterfly wings. I don't recall seeing them much in Doctor Who beyond this story
  • Because of her importance, I tried to find out something regarding Roslyn de Winter, she was a well known choreographer and had a handful of acting credits from 1959 to 1973. The reason why she is worth talking about was she was hired to create the distinctive movements and stilted speech of the Menoptra and was later offered the part Vrestin. Seems like a smart move, if she was coming up with all this stuff, it makes her the best person to play the most important part.
  • The planet Vortis is reoccurring in Dr Who, being featured in Novels, Comics and an Audio Drama from Big Finish called 'Return to the Web Planet'
  • The reason for the more 'blurry' screenshots for stuff seen on the planet surface is because when the Web Planet was made, they used special camera lenses to give the planet a different look, so things looks very misty / blurred in comparison to other planets
  • As far as the episode goes, The Doctor and Ian search for the TARDIS, get captured by the Zarbi and brought to its location, Barbara is saved & captured by the Menoptera who remove the bracelet Nero gave her because the Zarbi can control anyone who is wearing gold, she ends up escaping and is caught by the Zarbi who use her to track down and attack the Menoptera
  • While it's clear the Zarbi don't communicate normally, a hair-dryer looking device is lowered at the end of the episode on to the Doctor asking 'Why do you come now?' the first major story advancement here


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