Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Doctor Who: The Web Planet Part 1

Hello Dwellers and Welcome to the Basement...

Today on Tales from the TARDIS, I am starting my look at the six-part story 'The Web Planet'... and surprisingly, there isn't much to talk about the story itself beyond a few key elements..


  • The episode shares the same name as the story... I love it when that happens
  • Broadcasted February 13, 1965, 13.5 Million Viewers (up 1.5 from previous week)
  • We learn some details about Vicki in regards to how advance her schooling is from when she's from, which makes her stand out when you compare her to the endless string of contemporary companions we've seen in the NuWho era
  • Got to give credit in the creative team using the present Nero gave Barbara to help determine which arm she is 'pulled' from the TARDIS from
  • Because I didn't want to talk about the aliens just yet, I will say that I am aware of the legend of this story of it visually not living up to the ideas presented in the plot

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