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Doctor Who Supremacy of the Cybermen #2 (Comics From The Basement)

Hello Dwellers and Welcome to Comics From the Basement...

This week, I'm reviewing Doctor Who: Supremacy of the Cyberman issue #2 from Titan Comics.


Hello Dwellers and Welcome to Comics From The Basement

Last month we took a look at Doctor Who: Supremacy of the Cyberman #1, the first of a five issue mini-series done to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of one of Doctor Who’s iconic villains. And we’re back this month to go over issue #2.

To briefly recap, we are following four storylines featuring the 9th 10th 11th and 12th Doctors as the Cybermen are conquering all of time and space with the help of Rassilon who is looking for revenge following the Doctor the events seen in the episode Hell Bent last December to close out series 9 of the NuWho series. And for those wondering, yes I will do a recap and review of the Christmas special when that airs on BBC America.

But lets talk about this comic and the cover, which sees the 9th Doctor Running towards the reader, leaping from a purple cyber vortex and looking like he’s’ going to punch someone… probably the person who removed the switch on the TARDIS console that opened and closed the doors! Seriously, the cover is fine, if a bit bland. Then again the alternate covers are a simple photo cover of the Christopher Eccleston and the other features the modern Cybermen posing so yeah, not a good assortment of covers.

The story is of course done in segments, going 12, 11, 10, 9, 10, 11, 12, but for the sake of this review, let’s summary each Doctor’s Story

The 12th Doctor gets the low down from Rassilon, finding out why is he back on Gallifrey and why has he hooked up with the Cybermen. The answer being Rassilon wants revenge, he ran into the Cybermen (or rather a giant Cyberman head), an alliance was forged to build an empire of a Time Lord & Cyberman union, and to the Doctor’s announce he’s rescued by The General (the Timelord that regenerated into a woman in Hell Bent).

The 11th Doctor and Alice are on the run from the Cyber-Silurians and discover the Cybermen are planning to build Ark Ships to spread their Cyber-Tech through the galaxy before humanity evolves

The 10th Doctor, Gabby & Cindy are brought before Sontar-Prime, the ‘original’ Sontaran (cause they are a race of clones). The Doc is briefed that the Cybermen have conquered all basically the entire Sontaran empire, with the home planet the last target, and while the Doctor came to the Sontar home world looking for an army as they were his last hope, turns out he is their last hope as he is made a Field Marshall in the last great Sontaran War Fleet

With the 9th Doctor, he, Captain Jack, Rose & Jackie Tyler make it back to the TARDIS but as soon as the Doctor starts to engage the controls, the TARDIS console explodes!

VERDICT: Ironically despite being on the cover, the 9th Doctor story is the weakest presented here as its right in the middle of the issue. I like the dual last hope situation the 10th Doc and the Sontarans find themselves in, and the stuff with the 11th Doctor realizing the galaxy is screwed if the Cybermen can build Ark ships and leave pre-historic Earth. The strongest story is the 12the Doctor as it serves as a fall out & follow up for the episode Hell Bent. The art work is kind of all over the place with faces and body proportions looking rather bloated at times and a fairly inconsistent look in comparison from the 12th Doctor portions compared to the other 3 Doctors. That said, the comic continues the story well enough to build up how bad things have gotten with the Cybermen conquering everything.

Next Time: Now next week we won’t be taking a look at part 3 of this story, no, we’ll save that for January. Instead next week, I’m going to take a look at a digest featuring the Real Ghostbusters!

So till then by friends and you are my friends have a good one!

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