Thursday, December 1, 2016

DC's Legends of Tomorrow: Invasion! (Recap & Review)

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It's Thursday and we had a brand new episode of DC's Legends of Tomorrow with Invasion! (Season 2, Episode 7), which also wraps up the epic 4-night crossover event, so we're doing a little recap & review!

  • So as stupid as it was with Wild Dog, having Oliver being a dick to Supergirl cause he has 'isuses' with new threats was just silly
  • Steel's suit does indeed make him look like a star spangled idiot
  • Liked that time travel was used as an element in this story since we were intrdouced to the Dominators attacking in the 50s back on Flash. Nate, Vixen and Rory being captured by 'Men in Black' while going to capture an alien was a good segment
  • The lead MIB guy being the jerk who threatent Ms Diggle on The FLash was well done. Also the Dominators attack because of Barry's stupidity is just another Peter Parker pity moment for him.
  • At the very least Cisco gets his 'screwed with Time' moment to kill off his stupid angry arc with Barry
  • I liked the stuff with Stein and his daughter Lily, it was very touching, and he admits her existance is his fault and heartbreaking
  • Is it just me or does Stars Labs looks a lot like the Hall of Justice
  • The Fight scene and battle was very well done, with nearly every one playing a big part in the conflict
  • There was a great reference with Ray Palmer played by Brandon Routh who once played Superman saying Kara looks like his cousin.

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