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Blue Seed: "Irritating! Jealous?! Unbelievable!!"

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We're talking Anime and we're up to episode 11 of Blue Seed titled "Irritating! Jealous?! Unbelievable!!" Sakura Yamakazi is back and her presence is the last thing Momiji needs! What did I think of the episode?Well I'll tell ya!


Original Air Date: December 14, 1994, English Air Date: December 11, 1999

Episode Deals with Fall Out Of Momiji getting ‘Kiss of Life’ from Kusanagi and her still having mixed emotions, she’s been avoiding him for some time, running away and feeling like an idiot. This isn’t helped when Sakura Yamazaki transfers to her school, renewing their rivalry from episode eight. While it is clear Momiji does love Kusanagi, her feelings are really all over the place, and since Sakura has the hots for him as well (implying Momiji isn’t real competition) that just drive our hero further up the wall. Add into this her wanting to be able to fight the Aragami when Kusanagi and Sakura are doing so, and you see that Momiji doesn’t want to be useless. Her Mitama doesn’t activate here to give her flight, possibly due to Kusanagi being restrained, but she still save the day

Sakura’s presence is justified as she came across a student named Reiko, dazed and totally out of it, after learning from Reiko’s parents that a seal on a rock that kept an giant Aragami spider locked away was broken, she takes up the case. She is oblivious to the fact she’s transferred to Momiji’s school and is more concerned with her ‘perfect record’ of dealing with Aragami. We do learn that her skills are intended to deal with all things paranormal including exorcisms. The ending of her vowing to stick around when she is left hanging in a tree indicates she’ll be a thorn in both Kusanagi and Momiji’s sides, particular since Kusanagi does not seem as interested in her when compared to Momiji.

The Aragami in this episode is a little more ‘evolved’ than many I’ve seen in recent episodes, being a spider that got a mitama and grew giant sized with a thirst for the blood of virgin females, because it’s ‘home’ was where such folks were sacrificed during harsh times. Using smaller spiders, it can posses others, which it does with Reiko who is sent out to find other ‘pure’ ladies in order to help free it from it’s prison. It’s abilities include obvious webbing and huge slashing claws, and it’s design is pretty cool, not too keen on the yellow and orange color choices. Interesting bit is that the seal on the rock that kept it captive still works as long as the chant to break the seal is interrupted as seen with Momiji knocks out Reiko and removes the ‘spider’ from her neck, leading the rock to crush one of the Aragami’s back legs before it could escape fully from it.

On a side note Mr. Kunikida having to meet with top political brass of Japan to help come up with a plan to explain all these monster attacks was really well handled, as the world is starting to ask questions. The obvious ‘excuse’ that it was just a mass hallucination caused by gas is ruled out because of the ‘high respectability’ of the Tokyo police force. Strangely enough, Mr. Kunikida does mention that Japan government should have no issues explaining away ‘giant monsters’ attacking since it apparently happened a lot. Which raises a question on if he’s referring to Godzilla, Because funny enough, “Godzilla vs SpaceGodzilla’ was released in Japan just days before this episode so I don’t know if this was a line put in for the dubbed version of the episode, or was an in joke in the original broadcast!


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