Friday, December 23, 2016

Blue Seed: "I Love You! This is so Extreme! It's Time to Confess?!"

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We close out my birthday with a look at not only one of my presents that was given to me because of this segment... but also a discussion about episode 13 of Blue Seed titled: "I Love You! This is so Extreme! It's Time to Confess?!"

  • Episode 13 "I Love You! This is so Extreme! It's Time to Confess?!"
  • Original Air date: December 28, 1994, English Air date: December 18, 1999
  • I put the Japanese title: "Suki desu! kyūkyoku! kokuhaku taimu?!" (好きです! 究極! 告白タイム?!) though Google translate  and it came up as 'I Like It! Ultimate! Confession Time' so the titles of the episodes are nearly direct translations, just adjusted to have it make some sense.
  • A good portion of this episode revolves around Matsudaira, Ryoku, Koume and Yaegashi Giving Momiji 'advice' on how to express her love to Kusanagi. There is a lot of comedy surrounding this though why the hell is Yaegashi carrying around girl's undergarments that says 'I Love You' on them raises so many question that can only be answered with the phrase 'Because Japan!' Thankfully this scene sees him getting smacked around a few time by Koume
  • We do learn that Ryoko likes older guys, and to the shock to no one, Koume apparently likes the 'cave man' type
  • Momiji has been experiencing dreams and someone calling out to her, which sees her literally get put into a trance and levitated to the exact center point of the triangle bit from the previous episode
  • Turns out the Aragmi performed a resurrection spell in the previous episode and what they had re-born was Lord Susano-Oh, their guardian deity. In the legend Blue seed is based on, Susano-Oh killed the monster Yamato-no-Oroochi (who was the Aragami in the opening episodes of the series), but now he is apart of Murakumo and Kaede's plans to wipe out humanity.
  • Yeah Kaede is back, and clearly on the side of Murakumo, this causes Kusanagi some major distress in seeing her at the episodes climax because he has a deep attachment to her. He clearly wants to rush after her, but Momiji stops him, which may or may not makes this awkward when she tells him that she loves him and he doesn't respond.
  • There are a few generic insect aragami in this episode, but they are just there for show and to have Kusanagi slash through something.
  • Overall: This episode is clearly one with a soft lead in to the big reveal of Kaede's return and the rebirth of Susano-Oh

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