Saturday, December 31, 2016

Blue Seed: "A Chase Down Yamato Highway! Love Under Fire!!"

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I'm out of the hospital, back home and it's back to 'work' with Talking Anime, we're up to episode 14 of Blue Seed, "A Chase Down Yamato Highway! Love Under Fire!!"

  • Original Air-date: January 4, 1995, English Air-date, December 18, 1999

  • This episode concludes the second disc on the 2005 ADV Box set, disc labeled 'Decent Into Terror'
  • Momiji is not all there mentally following revealing her feelings to Kusanagi who is distracted with the return of Kaede, which leads him to not really be a factor with the Aragami monster of the week.

  • The town featured in this episode, called Nara, is 'Nara City' and is known for a lot of its historical monuments, including shrines and temples.
  • We see that Koume is a bit of an expert when it comes to the 
    Japanese Shrines and Temples, in particular with the 'favor' system, if you make a deal saying you'll do something in return what you want will be done for you. Momiji uses this as a way to try and get Kusanagi's feelings for her by vowing to defeat an Aragami by herself
  • Perhaps the most surreal thing about this episode is Yaegashi, who is jealous of Kusanagi and wants to defeat the Aragami  in order to get Momiji, he's very gun-ho and over the top, making Koume seem reasonable and
    level headed i
  • The Argami, being made out of a tree, and spreads a killer pollen all over the place was just a big monster to be defeated, Nothing to special about it though it can be argued it is one taken down by  Koume and Momiji
  • This episode also sees Sakura Yamazaki become 'officially' linked to the TAC as Mr.Kunikida had to pick her up, though in a limited role, Sakura plays a big part in using her magic to stop the Aragami from smashing up a temple.

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