Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Blue Seed: "Can You Feel It?! I Can't Ignore It! An Ominous Premonition of Catastrophe!!"

Hello Dwellers and Welcome to the Basement...

We are as you can tell, Talking Anime with episode 12 of Blue Seed titled "Can You Feel It?! I Can't Ignore It! An Ominous Premonition of Catastrophe!!"

  • Original broadcast date was December 21, 1994 (So perfect timing that I did this review on December 21, 2016), The English Premier was December 11, 1994
  • This episode is basically a 'bridge' to the second half of the series, with Murakumo going forward with his masters plan to summon something from the secret dimension of the Aragami
  • We got a few flashbacks of Kusanagi thinking of Kaede and some heavy reinforcement as to why he is willing to go up against Murakumo, even though in this episode he one-shotted Kusanagi twice
  • Speaking of Kaede, with how she's brought up in this episode, it's quite clear she's returning and not on the TAC's side
  • There is more of a connection between Momiji and Kusanagi, she felt when he was injured during the first encounter with Murakumo
  • The TAC is basically pointless in this episode, even though Mr. Kunikida has an idea of what the centipede aragami is wrapping around three buildings, he doesn't really act on it.
  • The centipede aragami is pretty basic, outside of being able to roll itself up into a death wheel, a pretty mundane monster

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