Monday, December 19, 2016

Black Mirror: White Christmas

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The last two weeks I went over Black Mirror Season 1 and 2, so today I'm going over the Christmas Special that aired in 2014, 'White Christmas'

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  • Aired December 16. 2014 on Channel 4 in the UK
  • Starrs John Hamm as Matt Trent, Rafe Spall as Joe Potter
  • This is an anthology 'episode', a framing device of Matt trying to get Joe to talk to him is used to tell three tales that seemingly have nothing to do with one another at first glance
  • Black Mirror satire of where technology can be going is fascinating, if you think getting blocked on twitter is bad, imagine if it applied to just beyond social media.
  • The 'copy of someone psyche / personality' to act as the AI of a smart house is interesting, who would know how you like things to be done better than you  

Since Black Mirror Season 3 is on Netflix, I've decided that next week I'll go over all six episodes from Monday December 26 to Saturday December 31st!

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