Saturday, December 31, 2016

Black Mirror: Shut Up and Dance

Hello Dwellers and Welcome to the Basement

The countdown to New Year's continues with my thoughts and opinions regarding Black Mirror's Season 3 episode titled 'Shut Up and Dance'


This episode is a slight re-tread of 'White Bear' of season 2, where it seems like seemingly innocent people are being hounded for no reason, but then it turns out they are being blackmailed for things they have done wrong... and is basically a cautionary tale of being aware of what you do online and so forth.

It's not a particularly strong episode in my opinion, cause the reveal and twist happened to early totally telegraphing the obvious ending, which makes it so  you don't care about the characters or their situation.

Anyway the lead In this case our lead is Kenny, whose  computer got hacked and he was filmed doing something, and he is forced to do a number of tasks... which in turns leads him to encounting other people who were doing things in order to comply with the truth getting out... leading him to a fight to the death with someone who did the exact same thing he did... only for the 'truth' to be leaked out.

What else is a disappointment is that while nearly all the other episodes up to this point have had some twist on technology, this episode doesn't have a 'gimmick' of any kind, that would make this come across as 'satire', which makes this episode even more of a chore to sit through.

That said the performances are fairly decent, carried by a young actor named Alex Lawther (who played Kenny), he emotes well because he doesn't really have much dialog to sa,  and Jerome Flynn, a veteran actor know for his roles on Game of Thrones & Ripper Street, his role as Hector helps balancing things out a bit, There is some decent on-screen interaction with, but nothing that will be memorable.

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