Monday, December 26, 2016

Black Mirror: Nosedive

Hello Dwellers and Welcome to the Basement...

There are six days left in 2016, and we're doing a countdown, every day this week I'll review one epsiode of Black Mirror season 3, and today we start with 'Nosedive'!

  • The Star: Lacie played by Bryce Dallas Howard, was in Spider-Man 3, Jurrasic World, stellar performance, carries the episode perfectly.

  • The World: Friends and strangers can rate your popularity out of five, the higher the average, the better social standing you are, so 4.5s and up are upper class 2.5s and below are considered lower-class people... everything about the world is based on the average, a person with a social score of a 4.4 will get medical treatment against of someone of a 4.3. Thing is depending on how individuals rate you based on your interactions with, so there is constant pressure to look perfect, act perfect, don't do anything to piss anyone off otherwise they 'down vote' you
  • The story: Lacie wants to reach an social average of a 4.5 to get a 20% discount of rent in a upper-scale apartment, and has a social average of a 4.2, when her childhood friend Naomi asks her to be the maid of honor at her upcoming wedding, it's a great opportunity to get some 5s to get her average up.... then begins the day from hell, due her average being actually slight under a 4.2, she can't get on another flight, she gets loud at the airport and her average takes a major hit due to a 3.1, and with a 'multiplier penalty' so anyone who rates her poorly causes her 'social average' to nosedive... She figures if she gets to the wedding and delivers the speech she has a chance, but she has to rent a car and it's a older out-of-date model because of her average, she can't charge it when she's out of problem, she tries hitchhiking but because of her score no one will give her a ride and down vote her... she gets a lift from a truck driver named Susan who used to be like Lacie until her husband when he got cancer got screwed by the system and encourages Lacie to just say 'fuck it' and speak her mind. Lacie's still optimistic, but when Naomi tells her not to come because her average is now a 2.6, that just sets Lacie off because sure both would get something out of it if she was there at a 4.2, now Lacie's lower ranking will make Naomi look bad, so Lacie ends up being extremely motivated to get to the wedding, gate crashing it in the process and ends up causing a scene. She is arrested and throw into a cell where she has all over technology to be 'rated' removed. The episode closes with her seeing another prisoner who clearly was someone who had a high-ranking at some point due to him being well dressed... and they begin to exchange insults out of anger that turns into joy because they realize how much happier they are to be able to just speak their mind.
  • Verdict: Great episode, but when you think about it we're already on the fast track to being just like the society shown in this episode, which is just mind boggling.

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