Thursday, November 3, 2016

World Series Reaction: The Cubs Bailed Out Joe Maddon

Hello Dwellers and Welcome to the Basement... As you know I watched Arrow earlier this evening and didn't tune into Game 7 until around 10 PM, but when I did tune it, what I saw was not a managerial performance worthy of the most sacred of scenarios in sports, no, what I saw was players trying to overcome the ineptitude of their manager to make history... 

  • Joe Maddon's decisions were so asinine that if the Cubs lost this game, he'd go down in history as being a bigger post-season bonehead than Graddy Little
  • This sabremetrics crap is also a factor as the Hendricks had a modest pitch-count and had the Indians on the ropes, no manager in their right mind pulls him from the game
  • Terry Francona was no better, as he allowed for a situation where the World Series was on the line with Michael Martinez (a career .196 hitter) at the plate!
  • The real reason the Cubs were allowed to win the World Series: noted Cubs Fan CM Punk got his face caved in by Mickey Gall

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