Friday, November 18, 2016

The Saturn Avenger vs The Terror Robot (From The Vault)

Hello Dwellers and Welcome to the Basement...

This week's From The Vault feature is a continuation from last week, as I look at the second feature on the 'World of Conrad Brooks' DVD, titled 'The Saturn Avenger vs The Terror Robot'

  • This was made in 1996, is only 24 minutes long but has more effort than Gypsy Vampire did which was made a decade later
  • This seems more like something that was made to shop around to studios to give executives an idea of what the a TV show could be like
  • I like the Boltar costume and the idea of him as a big villain looking to conquer the galaxy, but the heroes call on The Saturn Avenger to save the day
  • I was hoping this would be some sort of Lucha Libre film, considering the Avenger's mask is straight out Mexican Wrestling 
  • Despite positive views on this feature, The World of Conrad Brooks DVD is something that should be avoided, certainly check out The Saturn Avenger vs The Terror Robot if you can find it by itself or packaged with something that isn't Gypsy Vampire


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