Wednesday, November 23, 2016

The Rescue Part 1 (Tales From The TARDIS)

Hello Dwellers and Welcome To The Basement & Tales From The TARDIS! 

As promised, we are doing two episodes this week, and tonight it's part one of the Doctor Who tale 'The Rescue', titled 'The Powerful Enemy' where we meet the new companion, Vicki! 

  • This episode first aired on January 2, 1965 and had about 12 million viewers watching
  • According to legend, Sydney Newman asked Maureen O'Brien (who played Vicki) to considered cutting her hair short and coloring it black. Her response was for him to beg Carol Ann Ford to come back! 
  • For a two-episode story, the first part does a lot to set up perils, with Koquillion pushing Barbara off a cliff and sealing Ian and the Doctor in the cave
  • There is a very touching moment when the Doctor calls for Susan, realizes his mistake and Barbara asks him to teach her how to open the TARDIS doors
  • Vicki is very much a different character than Susan is, who was clearly book smart, Vicki clearly has had to fend for herself and Bennett
  • It's pretty damn obvious what exactly is up with Koquillion based on we see him enteresting the room at the back of the crashed ship but never see him leave

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