Tuesday, November 29, 2016

The Flash: Invasion (Recap & Review)

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It's Tuesday Night, and we had a brand new episode of The Flash titled 'Invasion!' (Season 3, Episode 8) and of course we're doing a little recap & review! 

  • That was awesome! 
  • The 're-wind' is only a bit before the closing of last night's episode of Supergirl, and everything fit together nicely
  • Oliver playing Uncle Ben to Barry's Peter Parker was well handled here, with references to the stuff with Oli's parents
  • Someone is gonna ship Sara-Kara obviously on a throw-away-line
  • There is doubt over who screwed up what now as it relates to Stein now having a daughter
  • HR and Wally pairing up as the guys who get no respect works for the long haul I think
  • The mind-control bit worked very well as it gave a reasons for the heroes to clash 
  • It was great seeing Thea suit up as Speedy again.

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