Saturday, November 5, 2016

The Basement Thought Process

Hello Dwellers and Welcome to the Basement...

So I've settled into doing two-to-three videos a day, and I figure why not give my thought process regarding the various 'shows' / 'segments' and what my 'goals' are with each one that I do.

Comics From The Basement - Going over a single comic (or trade collection), giving a base summary of what takes place to try and create some interest for people to seek it out, comment on the cover / artwork and any particular note of interest. Scripted in advance to give myself a path to follow

Recap and Review - Regardless if its Supergirl, Agents of SHIELD, Arrow, The Flash, Gotham or Legends of Tomorrow, identify if the episode was good or not, convey what I felt worked and what didn't and predictions on what may happen in future episode. Due to the nature of the spoilers avoid going over episodes in a linear fashion. Recorded right after an episode is watch to provide an instant reaction, no notes.

Tales From The TARDIS - Going over old episodes of Doctor Who one episode at a time, focus on character development, plot details to the story and any known history that effected the story in someway. Partially scripted with notes taken during the watching of an episode. Once a week unless a show featured on Recap and Review is on a hiatus.

From The Vault - Evolved into talking about old movies, either very obscure or stuff people know. Similar approach to CFTB, summary of the over arching plot, key characters and coments to try and create interest in the film. Partially scripted with notes, mostly off the cuff. Once a week segment.

Live! From The Basement - Replays of live broadcasts from Twitch, mostly Star Trek Online, a basic lets play series, totally off the cuff with just me just having fun with reactions to in-game dialog / situations. Normally once a week

Talking Anime - Combinations of From The Vault / Tales From The TARDIS, focusing on anime series going through episode on episode. At the moment I have to have the series on DVD in my collection. Go through things episode with basic commentary as the story develops and any insights I have. Once a week unless a show featured on Recap and Review is on a hiatus.

The RAW View -  Rotating pro wrestling related series, with predictions for WWE Network special events done the week of a show, recap and reactions to those specials after they air; Yay or Nay for the Hall, go over a wrestler's career to see if they should be in the WWE Hall of Fame or not

Destiny 2 Forsaken1/22/2019 Highlights

So finally got around to playing the Forsaken content of Destiny 2.... and the unnecessary padding of the Spider's glorified fetch quest...