Monday, November 14, 2016

Talking Anime Blue Seed: More Bad Luck! Why Does This Always Happen to Me?!

Hello Dwellers and Welcome To The Basement... 

Bonus episode of 'Talking Anime', and tonight we're going over episode 4 of Blue Seed, it's Momiji's first day at the TAC... what could've gone wrong?!

  • This episode while clearly focused on Momiji's first day at the TAC, it's more about Koume and seeing how she is, and it's clear she's just a total bad ass who isn't girly in anyway
  • That said, Koume is someone who if you win her over, she'll ease up a bit
  • Momiji's ability to detect where Aragami are where to target their 'blue seeds' is basically the perfect excuse to put her out in the field, and in high risk situations
  • The comedy in this episode is really well done, though I have to wonder just how often the bit that probably inspired Koume grabbing the wrong person and being called a 'fiend' actually occurs
  • I like the design and the execution of the water Aragami, and it leads into the fact that each Aragami is different, needing different approaches to defeat them


First Day At The TAC, what could go wrong?

Koume says: Don't mess with my toys!

A case of mistaken identity!

Next stop: Aragami Central!

The water Aragami cometh!

Koume I don't think that is gonna work

Death from above!

Oh yeah Kusangi was in this episode too... I knew I forgot about something

Aim for the throat!

Koume with a bow on her head... don't get use to it!

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