Recap & Review Stranger Things

Hello Dwellers and Welcome to the Basement...

Thanks to a co-worker, I sat down and watched the entire season of the Netflix original series Stranger Things... watching the first episode late Thursday night and then watching the remaining seven in a binge marathon that ended just before six in the morning.... cause the show was that damn good folks...

  • The series is paced like a book, everything happens in a totally straight forward manner, and you don't want to stop watching it
  • There is some obvious E.T. vibes throughout it
  • The kid actors carry the show, talk about getting an awesome group
  • Winona Ryder hasn't been this good in 20 years
  • My biggest nitpick is the placement of the opening credits happening after a long cold open that is so epic that it takes me out of the episode for a couple of minutes
  • Yes the vlog recording started exactly at 6 AM

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