Sunday, November 13, 2016

Live From The Basement Twitch Replay 11/13/2016 - Star Trek Online

Hello Dwellers and Welcome To The Basement...
Obviously this is a replay of my latest live stream over on Twitch. as we continues the Klingon Defense Force side of the story line with Out in the Cold, Cold Case, Cold Storage and Where Angels Fear To Tread, plus we get a new ship and new uniforms for the crew! 

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Out In The Cold: Among The Comets

Out In The Cold: We must take out the Breen!

Out In The Cold: Well that's a big piece of mining equipment

Cold Comfort: Doctor Cossa I presume?

Cold Case: Back on Defera

Cold Case: On Raveh II... we are not dressed for winter

Cold Case: Again we have to take on the Breen!

Cold Case: The Preserver Star Chart has been found!

Cold Storage: Hmmm looks like Rain

Cold Storage: I am Kirok!

Cold Case: Thot Trel Is Not Gonna Like The Answers He's Gonna Get

Where Angels Fear To Tread: We Have Engaged The Borg... But They Want A Prenup!

Where Angels Fear To Tread: New look for the General and her crew!

Where Angels Fear To Tread: The Hall of A Tal'Shiar Veseel

Where Angels Fear To Tread: When In Doubt, break out the Bat'leth

Where Angels Fear To Tread: Wonder How The General Lost Her Eye?

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