Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Live From The Basement: Eve Online (And Review)


So recently, EVE Online, a MMORPG that's been around since 2003, went 'free to play' joining the ranks of many other online games that have content that everyone can play with premium and unnecessary stuff available for those who want to pay for it to support the game. It's a fine business model as long as the nickel and dime'ing of players is kept to a minimum (I'm looking at you DC Universe Online).

So one thing that can be said about EVE Online is that it is a gorgeous looking game, the ship models are great... the create a character feature is decently in-depth... but the learning curve is stiff as hell cause you are expecting to remember where every little freaking function is. Over the course of a two hour gaming session (which I broadcasted live on Twitch), this micro-managing approach to a spaceship style game had me getting frustrated and annoyed, as things didn't seem as clear as they would be. By far this isn't a straight forward game, and this was just the 'basics' and 'tutorial' stuff.Add on to that with this particular issue... the game is rather boring, as it seems like one large 'sim' at times, nearly everything is done 'automatic' with you inputting commands to help get things accomplished. It's a very cold interaction as compared to that of Star Trek Online...

On the plus side, the story itself is interesting, at least with the campaign and stuff I picked at random, a sole survivor of an ambush rescues some civilians and makes a name for himself as a surprisingly good pilot while investigating an enemy's actions with increasing intrigue. The voice acting is hit or miss, but it seems like every bit of dialog I encountered had dialog (which lead little room for me to goof around in the live stream, because I was trying to pay attention to what was being said... which doesn't help the cold interaction feeling EVE Online has)

Now don't get me wrong, I do see the appeal of this game, but it's not something I'd totally commit myself to play every day, maybe once in a while.

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