Saturday, November 26, 2016

Live From The Basement: Baseball Stars 2 (And Review)

Hello Dwellers and Welcome to the Basement...  
On this particular live stream I played Baseball Stars 2, which was an arcade game released way back in 1992, exactly how this played in the arcade is beyond me. Still I manage to win a game during this live stream  -- Watch live at

You know, as a kid, when I went to the arcades, I can't recall ever seeing Baseball-Stars 2 at any of the Neo-Geo cabinets, I remember a few fighting games and I think a racing game, but never this particular game. I also can't fully wrap my head around how a baseball game could be adapted for the Arcade, unless it was a quarter gobbler , having to put in a quarter after three outs or a certain amount of time (much like WWF Wrestlefest). But since this game is on Steam and I'm a PC gamer these days, I figure why not give it a whirl for a live stream over on Twitch instead of Star Trek Online. I have played a few games, and honestly wasn't good at batting, but pitching I held games close... so actually winning my first game on Twitch was a great surprise to myself (not to mention hitting a few homers!)

Now as a baseball game, it's perfectly okay, with the real highlight being batting and pitching, which is pretty solid. Fielding and baserunning is a whole other matter, even on 'easy' it can be a chore. Controls are for the most part responsive. Graphic wise, it looks like an arcade game from the early 90s, or a later stage SNES / Sega Genesis game. The music is repetitive and can grow to be distracting. Gameplay wise, this isn't any old rapid fire game, it's a freaking marathon as a single game takes about a half-hour (or at least with me playing it) which raises a ton of question about how the hell this did in the arcades, because playing two games back to back is a bit draining,

VERDICT: It's perfectly fine for what it is, it's nothing special, but its a game that you can play just to fill some time, like a good half-hour before moving on to something else.


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