Friday, November 18, 2016

Blue Seed: Surprise! She's The Mother Of Science (Talking Anime)

Hello Dwellers and Welcome to the Basement...

It's Friday night, and we're talking Anime, in particular, episode five of Blue Seed titled 'Surprise! She's The Mother of Science'

  • This episode really focuses on Matsudaira, the TAC's science officer whose so obsessed with her work that it cost her marriage
  • Kusanagi comes across as a bit of a dick when he threatens Matsudaira and her son, but at the same this does show Momiji that he is doing things for her well-being
  • The Aragami in this episode is a 'Jelly Fish', or so we're told, I guess it does look like one if you squint
  • The absorbent power of Huggies is the key to defeating the Aragami in this episode... I am not kidding


The face you make when you knew you should've gone before you left!

Because of 90% of the weird stuff that comes out of Japan, I'm just gonna leave this one alone....

She's either or annoyed or wall-eyed

Apparently that is supposed to be a jelly fish...

When your ATW doesn't work and fire is returned

There is a reason why Momiji right hand is behind her back... because Japan!

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