Blue Seed: It's Spring! It's the Capital! I'll Do My Best!! (Talking Anime)

Hello Dwellers and Welcome To The Basement...

We're talking about Anime, and we're up to episode three of the series Blue Seed, titled "It's Spring! It's The Capital! I'll Do My Best!" (Who names these things?!)

  • This episode was basically to transition Momiji from her High School life to becoming a member of the TAC
  • I love the fact that despite the terror she's facing with the crow-demon, Momiji keeps her wits and focuses on trying to either escape or as a last resort try to fight back
  • Staying with that, she does want to know what is going on and how she can help fight against Aragami
  • Kunikida's mini arc in realizing he can't shelter Momiji from what's going on is handled well, even if it comes across as brief
  • Not sure if the Crow-Demon has a name, but it looked pretty damn cool.


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