Friday, November 25, 2016

Blue Seed: "I'm Fired Up! I'll Do It! Because I'm the Kushinada!!" (Talking Anime)

Hello Dwellers and Welcome to the Basement...

We're Talking Anime, and of course we're discussing episode seven of Blue Seed titled "I'm Fired Up! I'll Do It! Because I'm the Kushinada!!", which has a slightly different style plot as compared to the first six episodes 

  • Original Airdate: 11/16/1994  (English, 11/27/1999)
  • The kidnap / ransom plot is certainly quite a different tale as compared to the monster of the week style episodes we have seen in the first six episodes (5 if you count the first two episodes as 1 story)
  • The Kushinada project and how it relates to Momiji and her encounter with Orochi in the 2nd episode when it placed her in a ceramic field has some extra significance considering it comes into play here
  • Having the Aragami disguise themselves as humans to achieve their goals adds a whole new ball of wax into the field, as gives more story telling options
  • Momiji certainly was hell bent to find the kid, she really took it personally that the Aragami would use a child to try to get to her.
  • Just based on his disguise, it's pretty obvious who was the chief villain in this episode

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