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Blue Seed Episode 01: "Princess Kushinada" (Talking Anime)

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Starting today the 'Talking Anime' will be focusing on the anime series 'Blue Seed' and we're starting right off from episode one, "Princess Kushinada" as I totally mispronounce various names in my attempt to discuss some of things about the episode that interested me. 



This is basically the outline of talking points I wanted to address for myself in the video, I got myself side-tracked at times. 

"Princess Kushinada"
Premiered October 5, 1994 (English airdate, November 6, 1996)
Blue Seed was created by Yuzo Takada, original manga run from March 1992 to June 1996
Sets up the premises for the series nicely while giving some basic backstory which is based in Japanese mythology.
In the context of Blue Seed, an Aragmi named Orochi tormented a family in the Izumo province, where every year for seven years they had to sacrifice one of their daughters to it, and on the eighth year, a Susano, the Shinto Storm God', defeats the Orochi and marries the daughter, making her the Princess Kushinada...

Jump to / to the late 20th century, a descendant of that princess named Kaede is seen 'sacrificing herself' and it turns out she has a twin, our series protagonist, Momiji Fujimiya, an ordinary high school student who gets a sudden cold dose of reality that she is the next target of Orochi.
In the first episode we are introduced to the Terrestrial Administration Center, who are tasked with dealing with dealing with the Aragmi meance and are headed up by Daitetsu Kunikida, and Mamoru Kusangi, an orange skin dude with blue beads in his hands that in this episode wants to kill Momiji before she can give herself to Orochi but is driven off by Kunikida  We are also introduced to other characters of the TAC, the most prominent being Koume Swaguchi, a pink-jumpsuit wearing TAC recruit.
Now the animation by today's standard certainly feels mid-90s Anime, with not only the facial expressions that are wildly expressive and depending on the character over the top, to some design choices that raises some eyebrows. The English voice cast also does a decent job of establishing how each character sounds, this is helped by not being many talents voicing multiple characters.
I would probably be called out for not discussing the 'fan service' in regards to Momiji towards the end up of the episode  as she is pursued by Orochi and well... I have to say is: it's Japan, and I'm going to leave it at that.... but it is pretty wild with Orochi turning a tree and just tearing apart a high school in pursuit of Momiji as the TAC rushes to the scene, and the cliff hanger of them possibly being too late is effective.
Because the series aired two episodes a week, I might follow that same format, in particular with this Tuesday being election night here in the United States, it frees up that night to talk about episode two.

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