Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Black Canary #1 (Comics From The Basement)

Hello Dwellers and Welcome to the Basement...

And Happy Thanksgiving! I don't have any comics featuring a turkey, but I have one featuring another kind of bird... namely a Black Canary!


Hello Dwellers and Welcome to Comics From The Basement…
And Happy Thanksgiving!

Yes it’s the day of family gathering, football and the eating of a bird that makes you fall asleep faster than an episode of Saturday Night Live.

Now because I don’t have any comics involving a turkey, I figure why not go over something that has a bird in it… or at least in the title, with Black Canary #1 from DC Comics

Now to clarify this is issue one of the current Black Canary series which launched in August of 2015, and is the fourth Black Canary solo series. The first was a four-issue mini series in 1991, the second a 12 issue run in 1993, and the third was also a four issue mini series in 2007.

Then there is this clarification, the Black Canary as a character overall, dates back to the 1940s, debuting in Flash Comics #86, but that was Dinah Drake Lance… Dinah Laurel Lance has only been around since 1983 and was a member of the Justice League, helped form Justice League International, has been involved romantically with the Green Arrow, worked with the Suicide Squad and was a key part of Barbara Gordon’s ‘Birds of Prey’… then all the DC continuity reboots started happening with Infinite Crisis, the New 52, Flashpoint… where the character was rebooted and through series of convoluted events, ends up being the lead singer of a band called ‘Black Canary’ and she using the name ‘D.D.’ as she is basically trying to lay low, get paid and get a normal life.

So that all said, let’s talk about the comic shall we?
The cover is quite different from what I’m use to seeing, with the title right in the middle of the, and we see D.D. on stage posing, with her band in the background. It’s sharp and eye catching, and a clear indication of the style of artwork seen in the book

The story itself, D.D. and her band are becoming a bit infamous, because every time there is trouble, D.D. steps in and causes a lot of damage to whatever venue she’s performing at. Sometimes the band’s manager Heathcliff can smooth things over, but it’s becoming a major issue. The rest of the band wants to know about her past and why trouble keeps following her around. On top of that, a member of the band named Ditto is being pursued by some aliens, but because she doesn’t talk, the band chooses to stay together, keep doing gigs with the hopes of finding out what’s going on, with D.D. declaring she’ll have to train them to make sure they can protect themselves.

VERDICT: This comic in my opinion is totally okay, with this issue doing pretty much everything right for the kick off issue, with setting up the plot, introducing key characters and giving an idea of where everything is going to go. The artwork supports the story well enough, but there are a few things here and there where I wonder what the heck am I looking at. Overall it does the job of making a reader intrigued to see issue #2, which I’ll eventually have to get.

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