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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

What If Magnum T.A.'s Career Didn't End In 1986?

Hello Dwellers and Welcome To The Basement.... on October 14, 1986, professional wrestler Terry Allen, best known as Magnum T.A., lost control of his car on a rain slicked road and crashed it into a telephone pole... he survived, was paralyzed for a number of months, but was able to walk again and wend on to have a successful life away from the ring.... but what if the accident didn't occur? Well I try to answer that in this vlog!

  • I went with the mentality of certain things being the same regardless, such as JCP's woes, and Dusty Rhodes notorious ego.
  • Figuring out 1987 was easy, because that was the style of booking of the time, with the babyface often getting screwed out of the World Title with various dusty finishes.
  • I do think Dusty's ego would've been a huge factor in the direction Magnum's career would've taken in 1989

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