Sunday, October 16, 2016

Uran's Twin - Astro Boy Episode 29

Hello Dwellers and Welcome To The Basement!
On this week's edition of Talking Anime. I am still  going through the episode on the Astro Boy Greatest Astro Adventures DVD, and this week's episode is number 29, titled 'Uran's Twin'.



  • Uran without question is the start of this particular episode, right down to the ending credits featuring her instead of Astro (I don't know how common this was). Astro is basically an afterthought even though he gets to save the day.
  • The issue of parents pushing kids into doing various extra curricular activities surely is a universal concept, particularly when the kid have no interest in certain activites
  • Just going by the episodes on this DVD, it's quite clear that Uran is a tomboy, as she was into auto-racing in 'Robio and Robiette' and was willing to fight to protect Astro in 'The Greatest Robot In The World'
  • Seriously, what the hell was up with the tentacles under the robot's 'mask'... thank goodness the Uran that was fighting it didn't pull it off, otherwise this episode probably would've been banned!

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