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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

The Flash: Whats In The Paradox

Hello Dwellers & Welcome To The Basement Tonight, we're talking about the newest episode of The Flash (Season 3, Episode 2), with the all the fall out of Barry messing with the timeline 

  • Everything with Cisco felt a bit rushed as if to make sure he gets to be an active character with his 'Vibe' powers
  • The tease of Caitlin becoming Killer Frost was very well done, since only she knows about it
  • I feel like an idiot for thinking The Rival and Doctor Alchemy were one in the same
  • I love the Golden Age Flash costume, and I'm happy to see Jay Garrick pop up to talk sense into Barry
  • Jay's explanation on the effects of time travel on the time-space continuum was the best reason against it I've ever seen.
  • The addition of Singh as a normal antagonist for Barry at his actual job is a nice way to freshen things up a bit.
  • I'm expecting Wally West to fully become Kid Flash by the end of the season
  • Overall this episode was better than the season premier

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