Recap & Reviewing MacGyver: Wire Cutter Was Good, Riley Is Pointless

Hello Dwellers and Welcome to the Basement... My plans for tonight fell through the floor, so I ended up watching this week's episode of MacGyver... and everything worked to deliver a strong episode... except for the character of Riley, and I will explain why in this vlog! 

  • The ensemble cast concept continues to be a problem for the show, but at least nearly everyone had a point to the story
  • When they came right out and said that Riley's character was going to be useless in this episode, I thought they would've been kidding, but nope, she's totally pointless
  • Though I didn't say it in the video, Bozer actually had a point to being in an episode for once, though it made Mac look like an idiot for leaving his computer unsecured
  • I can forgive the 'Pam Thorton is a female Jason Bourne' bit only because it served a purpose and it wasn't made a focus for too long.
  • I expect Orlav to pop up again if this series gets a long run

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