Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Recap and Reviewing Arrow: Too Many Trust Issues Spoil The Soup

Hello Dwellers and Welcome to The Basement! Tonight I'm going over the Arrow episode 'A Matter of Trust', which guest starred Cody Rhodes. Was the episode good, was it bad, and I guess the Flash messing with time didn't bring back the good version of Deadshot.

  • I couldn't tell if Mr. Terrifc was hitting on Ragman or not
  • Felicity's bombshell of a revelation certainly will be interesting if it's followed up on
  • Cody turning into a variation of Solomon Grundy via a substance called Stardust is rather ironic
  • Cody's performance was solid, it wasn't a breakout role or anything special
  • The flashbacks need to go away, this week's lesson just hammered in the 'moral' of the actual main story even more so
  • I'm know some fic writers who will have a field day with Speedy dealing with the reporter


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