Friday, October 21, 2016

MacGyver - Broken Toothpicks

Hello Dwellers and Welcome to the Basement....Tonight we're going over this week's episode of MacGyver, titled 'Toothpick' (Season 1, Episode 5)... well you can tell by the title of this entry that said toothpick was broken cause this episode was just... terrible...


  • The only positive thing about tonight's episode is that the plot of Mac having to protect a witness on her way to tesitfy is a proven setup for many classic MacGyver episodes.... 
  • Because they have to shove every single fucking main character into every single episode, the stuff that would've carried it (Mac / Katrina) was practically not worth even shown because the actual character moments were little nuggets of what would've been something more compelling than what we got.
  • We did not need to see Thornton being Jenna Born
  • Riley, once again SHOULD NOT HAVE BEEN IN THE FIELD IN THE FIRST PLACE.... oh sure they address that hey maybe we should train her to take care of herself, which should've been brought up before instead of her on-screen time being wasted with Bozer
  • This episode was garbage... I dare say, even worst than the actual pilot...


Tonight's broken toothpick mess got me thinking about Star Trek Discovery... and how much of it is going to be hampered with the modern CBS Network status quo when it comes to shows with an ensemble cast action adventure dramas, in that darn near everyone has to have equal screen time at the expense of the plot. Yes I know Star Trek Discovery is going to be on the CBS All Access deal (and really it's only hope of that changing was if CBS didn't order a full season of MacGyver... which they did), but I can't help but feel concern we're going to end up seeing another one of those 'everyone contributes... even if it makes no sense' type of shows..

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