Sunday, October 2, 2016

Luke Cage: Lots of Strenghts, One Big Weakness

Hello Dwellers and Welcome To The Basement...  
I watched four episodes of Luke Cage on Friday... and watched the remaining nine on Saturday, and here are my overall thoughts and opinions, regarding the show's various strengths and one major weakness the show has that could have ruined it... 

Additional Thoughts
  • I love the use of live music, with the Harlem Paradise serving as a central location, it added some great sizzle to the steak of the show
  • Method Man's cameo was awesome, almost makes up for Richard Roundtree not being brought in

Star Trek Online Highlights and Tonight's Trek Tunes Playlist

Ah... just another Thursday which saw Star Trek Online being featured. On this week's broadcast I tore through the bland Breen story arc...