Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Live From The Basement: Star Trek Online "Echoes of Light"

Hello Dwellers and Welcome To The Basement...

So yesterday (October 25), Star Trek Online did it's massive lighting update, the new kit system and gave us a brand new mission 'Echoes of Light'. Let me start with the lighting system in that at first it really screwed with a lot of players, who ended up thinking something was wrong cause all the in game settings were automatically set to their lowest possible values, thus making the game kinda look like crap. Thankfully increasing all the settings back to 'normal' (or in my case maxed out' certainly helped get it looking the way I like. The new kit system is find, now you just slot the abilities you want without having to worry about having an actual kit, so that's nice.

The mission itself, oooo boy.... talking about a 'Star Trek' style mission, now I was taking my time in the live stream, in that I was allowing all the dialog to play out to make sure nothing got missed, and it ended up being nearly an hour (when you skip pass me fudging around with some stuff at the start). Echoes of Light follows up on the Lukari who now have a ship, sees the return of K-13, the first time we actually do battle of any king with a Ferengi and learning of a new threat to the Federation. To sum it up, this mission was big on lore and light on action. But we see the return of the Gekli and the Jellyfish aliens from the TNG episode, Encounter at Farpoint. Also of note, since I did this mission with my Agents of Yesterday character, he does remember when K-13 disappeared... though since my away team was also from the 23rd century and was there too, they end up looking like idiots when they don't recognize it!


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