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Saturday, October 29, 2016

iZombie Apocalypse Part 4 - Repossesion

Hello Dwellers and Welcome to the Basement... 

We have reached the end, the final 9 issues of iZombie, collected in the trade paperback 'Repossession'... issues 19 through 28, strap yourselves in folks, cause I'm going over them at a rapid pace! 

  • Gavin's reaction to Grampa Chimps not being too keen on Scott's preferances is down right hilarious
  • The fact that Galatea's plan to have Francisco absorb Xiatlu is basically what Gwen does to save the world shows that if she didn't want to rule the world, Galatea could've been the one to save it
  • The rushed pace of the comics makes it feel as though the entire series takes place within a couple of months
  • I actually prefer to iZombie televison series to the comic, if for anything that it doesn't come across as being jumbled.


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