Saturday, October 8, 2016

iZombie Apocalypse Part 1: Dead To The World

Hello Dwellers and Welcome to the Basement.... iZombie may be a hit show on The CW, but it was a comic book first, and boy are there some big differences between how it was presented in sequential art versus how it was later adapted for TV. And in what I'm calling the iZombie Apocalypse (because iZombie Nation would only make sense if I actually watched Zombie Nation), I go over the first five comics that show why living dead girls are awesome. 

  • Issue #4 is the most important issue in the series, because of explanation of how Vampires, Zombies, Ghosts, Were-Terriers and other creatures works.
  • The prologue that was included 'House of Mystery Halloween Annual #1' fits in perfectly, acting as a 'where everything started' point, to bring things full circle.
  • There being more creatures besides zombies, certainly gives the comics a bigger scale of the community than the TV series does, and gives Gwen a much more interesting supporting cast than Olivia
  • I call the artwork 'Archie like' because when you get right down to it, it's very much closer to the style seen in Archie comics over the years than it is to what I've seen out of DC

(The one advantage of things being available digitally is that I don't have to scan the book)

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