Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Gotham: Bruce Likes Selina, Butch's Backfire

Hello Dwellers and Welcome To The Basement... this morning we're going over last night's episode of  Gotham titled 'Mad City - Anything For You', was this a good episode, a bad episode or was this an episode used to advance as many plots as possible because of what appears to be the focus of next week's episode? 

  • Sooner or later, Penguine and Riddler's bromance is gonna take an interesting turn, and I'm thinking they are going to go the LGBTQ route with them.
  • To the shock of no one familiar with the Batman Universe, Bruce and Selina like each other, the big thing is how is it going to end up tying to the stuff with Ivy
  • Let's remember Ivy's transmutation did not change the years that she really is, just her physical form
  • Because of the focus on the Mad Hater this season, Butch's scheme felt rather rushed 


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