Friday, October 14, 2016

Crisis - (Planet of Giants Part 3)

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On this week's edition of 'Tales From The TARDIS' we wrap up our look of 'Planet of Giants' with Crisis, including the history of why this is only a 3-episode story as opposed to a 4-episode one.


Now you may have noticed that this being a 3-part story seems a bit odd, as the average length of a Doctor Who series is 4 to 7 episodes, which would stay true for many years. And Planet of Giants did have four episodes, part three was ‘Crisis’, and part four was called ‘The Urge To Live’, however there was a heavy focus on two other characters, Hilda (the telephone operator) and Bert (the police officer) in both episodes, and thus Donald Wilson (the head of serials at the BBC and one of the co-creators of Doctor Who) ordered that parts 3 and 4 be combined into one episode, bringing a rapid conclusion to the story and focusing everything on the TARDIS crew foiling the plot of Forester and Smithers and getting Barbara back to the ship. However the novelization of the story did restore the plot elements that was removed.

  • I love the sets that were built for this story, the ambition for this story was pretty damn cool, and it's really understated when it comes to the classic Doctor Who era.
  • Barbara not telling anyone about being infected with DN6 is really... really stupid, I get that she doesn't want anyone to be concerned or worried, but it's still stupid.
  • The combining of parts 3 and 4 into one also makes Barbara's dilemma come across as very rushed, particularly when the shot of her collapsing is left in as it's clearly the cliffhanger for part 3 
  • The Doctor taking the seed only makes sense to have something visual for the viewers to know that the TARDIS crew is returning to their normal size

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