Saturday, October 29, 2016

Astro Boy Episode 51 'Astro's First Love' (Talking Anime)

Hello Dwellers and Welcome To The Basement...

On this week's vlog of 'Talking Anime', I'm going over the final episode of the 1980 Astro Boy series titled 'Astro's First Love' which is also the final episode on the Astro Boy Greatest Astro Adventures DVD


Big Thanks To 'Retro Toons' for having the Astro Boy series uploaded on YouTube, so you can watch it and make your own judgements on the episode!

  •  I am aware that in the original Japan broadcast, there was a prologue done by Astro Boy's creator Osamu Tezuka, but it's not included on this DVD
  • Because of the missing prologue, the final scene with Astro telling the viewer's 'they now know his secret' comes off a bit weird
  • This episode raises a ton of question about Doctor Boyton's original robot designs...
  • I really wish this episode was longer, to see Astro's feelings develop, but the point of him falling in love and wanting Nikki to be apart of him still comes across well
  • There is quite a bit of action in this, in fact the military base looked like it was designed by some 90s kids (AT4W reference)
  • The 'Astro Boy Greatest Astro Adventures' DVD is a great little compilation of the best episode of the 1980 series 

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