Arrow: Legacy and the New Season's Status Quo

Hello Dwellers and Welcome To The Basement...  

The fifth season of Arrow aired tonight... and so I'm going over this episode! We got one brand new villain, an apparent new direction and status quo for the show... and... oh... more flashbacks that are designed to spell out the actual point of the season... 

  • It's amazing how much better this season premier is when compared to what served as The Flash's season opener
  • Oliver being a bit wish-washy about wanting things to go back to what they were is a bit silly, but serves a point
  • Didn't touch on this in the video... just how did Curtis get away from the muggers?!
  • Chad Coleman is very imposing as Tobias Church... his stunt man, not so much
  • The Laurel statue is nice... certainly the tax payers of Star City loved that Oliver mad it a priority...


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