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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Agents of SHIELD: Uprising Out Of The Shadows

Hello Dwellers and Welcome To The Basement! 

Agents of SHIELD was back this week, with  'Uprising', and it was yet another good episode, the show is on a roll! So obviously in this vlog I'm talking about everything that went down. 

  • With all the thrashing about she had to do while strap down, I'm surprised the back of the actress who plays Agent May didn't snap!
  • YoYo's friends reactions to her being an Inhuman was very realistic, I've been around enough Latinas to know that
  • Finally got a name for the Director of SHIELD, it's Jeffrey Mace, whose about as straight arrow a guy as possible in the Marvel Universe, afterall, he was Captain America at one point!
  • Ghost Rider's little brother Gabe is a bit of a dick for telling Daisy to take a hike or else he'd expose her secret
  • This episode basically introduces the 'Friends of Humanity' to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, I'm surprised the senator seen at the end didn't have the last name 'Kelly'

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