Monday, October 3, 2016

A Dog Called... Vengeance

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Ever come across a DVD where everything about indicates that the movie is going to be one thing, but turns out to be something else? Well that's the case with 'A Dog Called... Vengeance' which one of two movies included on Tales of Voodoo Volume 5


  • This is not a horror film, it's an action-adventure / thriller
  • The actual acting is pretty solid, but it's clear this was probably made for a foreign market
  • The gimmick with the dog relentlessly pursuing the lead character gets down right silly
  • Movie would actually be better without the dog
  • Jason Miller sports a priest shirt and color in one scene, fitting since he was in the Exorcist
  • Lea Massari, but based on looks she's a classic 70s beauty as far as I'm concerned
  • Film was made in Venezuela, and the scenery footage was impressive to look at 
  • First half of the film is basically the lead character pursued through the jungle by the dog, gets rather boring at times
  • Second half of the film (in the city) is very intriguing and has the majority of the dialog

Is It Worth Seeing: Not really, it deserves its place as an obscure film, but if you come across it, it will fill time


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