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The Taurean Affair - Lets Play Star Trek Online

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With the on-going story arc involving Sobar and crew wrapped up for now, I'm finally going to  go over mission by mission for the 'Original Series' faction exclusive missions... which is only a handful of missions before it leaps from the 23rd Century to the 25th Century... but we'll get to that in time.

So... right off the bat, we have to create a new character... I elected to go with an Andorian Female Science Officer named Tahla... because you've just seen me spend months playing as an Engineering Officer... and I have more Starfleet Vessel options for later in the game as a Science Officer than I do as a Tactical Officer.

The first mission, The Taurean Affair acts as a follow up to the original series episode, The Galileo Seven, Tahla is the first officer on a Pioneer-Class ship  under the command of Captain Issac Garret. A ship has crashed on the planet of Tarsus IV, and we are there to rescue the survivors.Along for the ride is Ensign (formally Yeoman) Mears, who isn't too happy about returning to the planet she nearly didn't make it off of, and this is a great tie in, following up on one of the characters from the original episode, showing what became of her. We also meet our first bridge officer, another Andorian named Tarsi who is a tactile weapons officer.

So once on the planet, it's basically find the survivors and fend off the rather large locals, similar to episode this mission is based on. Since it's the first mission under the TOS-Faction, it's really a get use to things mission, the combat is light... but what is awesome is the atmosphere, Cryptic really went all out to make the planet seem like the one from The Galileo Seven episode, and the Taurean actually heave large spears as weapons, which is pretty awesome. There is a nice call back to the TG7, with the electrifying the hull bit... and even a rescue of officers that are probably going to be had for dinner.

Things take a cool turn when Klingons show up, and it turns out they are ambushing and raiding ships in the area. The ground combat is a little bit more of a faster pace, but nothing to difficult, then it's back to the ship to get taught on how to navigate and deal with space combat against a few easy Klingon vessels. The story line twist is that the player gets to assist the USS Enterprise against Commander Kor, thus setting up a villain that the player has to worry about while in the 23rd Century.

The mission itself concludes with the player getting to chat with some members of the Enterprise Crew... and we get the first insight of 'Time Travel', as Scotty and McCoy both recognize Tahla from earlier in their lives , but for her, it's the first time she's meeting them. Also, Captain Garret is getting promoted to Admiral... and so taking command of the ship is the player's character (Though in the game play video, I'm trading up to the Constitution-class vessel)

As an introductory mission for new players, this mission is all kinds of awesome, as it paces everything out and things flow nicely, similar to the Klingon faction one... the Romulan and 25th Century Federation Tutorials feel a bit on the 'long side' particular if one wants to explore and take ones time.

Now since Tomorrow is Labor and I'm off from my day job, we'll go ahead and do the next mission tomorrow.

Till then my friends... have a good one!

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