Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Star Trek Ship Toys - From The Vault

Hello Dwellers and Welcome To The Basement....

This is turning into a bit of a Star Trek week, granted the 50th Anniversary of the franchise is on September 8th... and so it's kind of perfect timing... even if I thought it was later in the month, but hey it's all good. Anyway, on this week's edition of 'From The Vault' I'm looking at three Star Trek ship toys from the mid 1990s.... and they include whats left of the Shuttlecraft Goddard, a barley working Klingon Cruiser, and a fully functional Runabout Orinoco.

The Klingon Attack Cruiser
Released 1993
Requires 3 Double A Batteries
Lights Up and Has Four Sounds

Current Status:
The Warp Nacels still Light Up
Only 1 of the four sounds still works
Battering casting Cover Missing

Runnabout Orionoco
Released 1994
Requires 3 Double A Batteries 
Lights Up and Has Two Sounds
Sits two action figures
Has wheels to roll on floor

Current Status
Sounds and lights still work! 
Battering Casing underneath, pain in butt to open

Shuttlecraft Goddard
Released 1992
Requires 3 Double A Batteries
Lights up and has two sounds
Sits 3 Actions Figures
Has wheels to roll on floor

Current Status
Front and back 'doors' missing
Battery case inside toy, makes it impossible to get batteries into it to see if its sounds & lights still work

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