Monday, September 12, 2016

Special Task Force Missions Triple Header - Lets Play Star Trek Online

Hello Dwellers and Welcome To The Basement.... 

Since I'm not about to go through the entire story line of Star Trek Online again from start to finish in the near future, my focus is switching to that of the games Special Task Force Missions. What these are, are basically missions played with other players... you can have a team in advance... or you can do what I did in the video and being a PUG player.... as in a pick-up group, teams totally thrown together because they just happen to want to play a particular mission.

Now to kick this off, I decided to do three missions, The Mirror Universe Invasion Event. Brotherhood of the Sword and Miner Instabilities.

The first, The Mirror Universe Invasion Event, sees the team defending Vauthil Station against the Terran Empire who are using rifts to cross over from their reality. Now Science Vessels and Cruisers are the best ships for this mission for two reasons. One Science Vessels can close the rifts quickly, and Cruisers can get the Power Substations running faster. Escorts are good to provide cover fire for the Science Vessels. A team of Once Science Vessel, two Escorts and two Cruisers is the best combination in my opinion... then again my character in this video, Zagreus is a Science Officer, so I'm speaking from that point of view.

The second mission, Brotherhood of the Sword, sees the Iconians invading the Klingon home wolrd, and thus the team is task with repealing the invasion on the ground, disabling Iconian tech in several key points to advance to the next area. Really this is a run & gun mission that also requires players to be aware of the time limit and all possible locations for where Iconian tech can appear when disabling it (you have 15 seconds to disable two things in each area at the same time). Depending on how familiar a team of players is can be a factor in how easy this mission is, a team of inexperience can get frustrated easily, whole a group familiar with the mission can tear right through it.

The third and final mission is Miner Instabilities... the team travels back to the 23rd century to stop the Romulans and Na'Kuhl from disrupting the joint Federation-Gorn Survey operations. This mission is done in stages, the first is defending the Federation camp against Romulans beaming in from the South and West, the second rescuing Gorn while heading to their camp which has been overrun by Romulans, breaking into said camp and elimination all the pointed-ear fellows.... then defending a single Gorn Engineer as he shuts down a drill and you're defending him from the Na'Kuhl. This is a 'run & gun' ground mission, with the factor is keeping as many allied NPCs alive as possible to avoid a default mission failure.

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